How Do I Keep My Restaurant Cold If I Have To Keep the Door Open?

Restaurants can be notoriously hot especially in the area around the kitchen. Because every customer is looking for a cool restaurant to dine in, the best approach is to combat the heat so as to make your restaurant comfortable. This article looks at several ways you can cool off your restaurant regardless of the external temperatures.


Exhaust hoods are very instrumental in capturing and filtering out smoke, fumes and heat thereby making it easier for air conditioners to work at optimum level. Ventilation systems come in different designs and models. Each of these models has its own efficiency and power consumption rating. It is therefore important that you get professional advice before installing them. During the installation, you may also consider variable speed ventilation fans that power on and off in response to the state of activity in the restaurant. Side panels also reduce cross drafts.

Run a Well Maintained HVAC System

Your HVAC system is your first line of defense against heat and indoor air pollution. Even if you have opened your doors, a strong and efficient ac unit should be able to maintain the temperature inside the restaurant at a comfortable range. The components of the HVAC system should be fully functional as this will boost the output of the HVAC unit.

Use Fans

In hot environments, fans are useful to push out warm air and recirculate cold air thereby making your restaurant cool all the time. Before installing fans, you need to know the type of fan that suits your restaurant. There are window fans, ceiling fans and those that you can mount on walls. Each of these fans has their own efficiency levels and depending on where they are located, they can successfully cool off the entire restaurant. To ensure that dusty or dirty air is not re-circulated, you should always keep the fans clean.

Install Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers make use of the evaporative cooling strategy. These coolers work best when the door or window is open because they require an outside air source. They come in different sizes and can be mounted on roof tops or windows. The benefit of swamp coolers is that they use less electricity compared to the conventional air conditioners and they circulate fresh air.

Place Monitor Thermometers around the Restaurant

Although monitor thermometers do not cool down your restaurant, they help you in detecting temperature rises. This can alert you and your staffs so that you can take necessary measures to cool the restaurant down and prevent heat-related illnesses such as nausea, dizziness and headache.





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