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The environment around your home can be a perfect source of dirt and debris which can cause health problems as well as affect the operation efficiency of HVAC systems. The ventilation system is the channel through which the dirt and debris slowly find their way into your home. In addition to this, a number of homes have smaller duct-dryer vent which can potentially cause a buildup of allergens which in turn can be life threatening.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that 15,600 fires occur annually and 80 percent of these are directly attributed to clogged dryer vents. These fires destroy property, injure and maim people as well as causing death in some instances. The main cause of dyer vent fires is lint buildup which blocks airflow. Gas dryers with blocked dryer vents can cause flue and poisonous gases to backup into the house. These gases are often colorless and odorless thus undetectable with the naked eye.

In light of the above dangers you face as a homeowner, it is important you contact expert dryer vent cleaners for a thorough inspection and cleaning of your vents. At Cooper City Air Conditioning, we have experienced personnel who will advise you on the best course to take so that your dryer vents can be completely free of dirt, debris and lint buildup.

How to Tell Your Dryer Vents Need Cleaning

To prevent guesswork and homeowners incurring unnecessary cleaning costs, we advise them to be on the lookout for aspects indicating their vents require special attention.

Dryer Vents Not Serviced for Over a Year – Typically, dryer vents should be cleaned and attended to at least once every 12 months. However, not all homeowners are keen enough to follow this schedule. If your vents have not been professionally cleaned for a year and above, you need to contact our experts for a thorough inspection.

Longer Dryer Vents – If your dryer duct length exceeds 25 feet, it may slow down airflow leading to accumulation of dirt and debris. You need it checked regularly.

Frequent Use of the Dryer – In the event the dryer is used many times, you should ensure regular checks and inspections because the buildup of dirt could be high.

Clothes Taking Longer to Dry – Your clothes are expected to dry within the normal drying cycle. If this period lapses with your clothes still damp, the dryer vent may have a problem that requires expert attention.

Why Trust Cooper City Air Conditioning

We are dryer vent cleaning masters because every component of your vent system is well known to us. We know what good workmanship is as far as dryer vent installation is concerned and will help you point out irregularities in your vent system and replacements to be made even as we clean. Our goal at Cooper City Air Conditioning is to give you and your family the peace of mind that you deserve to live a quality life.

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