Coil Blower Cleaning

Coil blowerCoil cleaning though often overlooked is an integral part of air conditioning equipment servicing. The coil system is one of the critical components that determine the operation efficiency of your HVAC unit. If the coils are dirty or dusty, your equipment will have to run a lot harder in order to give a palpable output. This not only consumes much energy but also shortens the lifespan of your AC equipment.

In order for the coolant running through the coil to cool down, coils require fans to pull air through them. Whenever the coil is blocked with dirt or debris, the air pulled through the coil becomes severely limited thereby making it harder for the coolant to remain at a low temperature particularly during summer. This makes your home uncomfortable.

Specialist Coil Cleaning Services

Our HVAC experts at Cooper City Air Conditioning can restore any coil back to its factory specifications through advanced coil cleaning technologies. This ensures the AC runs at the speed and efficiency it is meant to run all year long. It also keeps your maintenance bills low. Our company is fast gaining recognition as a reliable coil cleaning company in Cooper City and the entire Florida.

Our coil cleaning methods are different from our competitors because our equipment is custom built for individual coils. While some coils may be cleaned using the traditional pressure washing equipment, some require specialized equipment and this is where we come in to help you reinstate the efficiency and lengthen the lifespan of your coil system. Our washing equipment consists of high powered pressure jets that dislodge every bit of dirt on your coils. we do not use toxic and environmentally unfriendly chemicals because we care both for the environment and for you as a family.

The Types of Coil Cleaning We Do

There are two main types of coil cleaning systems we use to guarantee homeowners quality cleaning process.

Air Cooled Coil Cleaning – This type of cleaning involves the removal of access panels and vacuuming both the condenser and evaporator coils after which the coil is sprayed with a non-abrasive chemical which eat away any blockage or dirt. Our professionals then wash the back of the coil with a 45 degree angle until the coil is exceptionally clean and the air passages cleared. The water is then removed and the unit is reassembled.

Water Cooled Coil Cleaning – This is the second method we use to clean your coils. To ensure we are doing the right thing, we first inspect your coil system and see whether it has the appropriate fitting and piping. In order to isolate the coil from the tower, the return and supply water piping is turned off at the shut off valves. A custom recirculating pump is then hooked up to the supply and return lines before circulating the necessary chemicals in the appropriate flow of the water tower. This helps in breaking up blockages in pipes. All the chemical is diluted with fresh water after the circulation is complete.

Coils are sensitive components of HVAC systems and as such must be cleaned by professionals. We invite you to sample our services and I am sure you will not regret it.

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