Repairing Your AC Blower Motor

It takes approximately 1.5 to 3 hours to troubleshoot and repair your AC system depending on part availability and unit location. During summer, the constant use and high heat causes AC blower motors particularly the old ones to burn up. There are many different types of AC motors which you must be aware of so that your choice can be informed.

PSC motors are considered more efficient than shaded pole motors and as such befitting for your air handler blower motor replacement. Another factor that should serve as a caution to you if you are using shaded pole AC motors is that they are gradually becoming rare. If you have come to the point of replacing your blower motor, consider replacing the capacitor too.

Types of Specialty Motors

AC units that are fitted with a double shafted motor cost anything up to $300 for motor replacements and repairs. That said, double shafted motors are comparably rare in residential units, but that is not to say they don’t exist.

The ECM blower motor is another medium ticket item that you can easily replace. Commonly found in high SEER units, the ECM blower motor is a variable speed motor which is more efficient than the PSC motor. Because of this efficiency, the ECM blower motor is a bit more expensive than the rest.

In case you are doing replacements and somehow you cannot afford new OEM motors, you may decide to go for the after-market variable speed motor.

In a typical scenario, AC blower motors are replaced with stock blower motors sourced from the HVAC supply store. The stock blower motor may not necessarily be from the same brand, but if it will serve you well, you can give it a trial.

When fitting in the blower motor, the bracket in existence within the unit may not be reusable. This means a new bracket will have to be fitted that will mount the motor properly. Depending on the existing circumstances, you may have to change the blower wheel as well.

Blower wheels can be damaged or go out of balance. Your HVAC technician should be able to quickly recognize these things and offer solutions. Because of the need to have competent repairs done by skilled technicians, most OEM stores and HVAC supply houses do not sell blower motors to the public.

Fitting in the Capacitor

Every time the blower motor is replaced, consider adding a new capacitor. The capacitor you go for should be properly rated and matched to the new motor. The replacement of capacitors should not be a headache to you because they are comparably cheaper and thus affordable. The interesting thing with capacitors is that since they are tested when they are cold, they may seem fine only to become dysfunctional as they get hot while running.

It is always good to have your blower motor inspected and cleaned regularly by a professional HVAC technician preferably on a service contract.

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