How Do I Choose the Right Programmable Thermostat?

Thermostats last the longest among the HVAC components. Their lifespan averages 35 years. While manual thermostats are still useful because they can still do some basic things such as switching from heat to cool and adjusting the temperature, holding onto them can lock you out of the benefits that come with programmable thermostats. The latter can enhance the operational efficiency of your HVAC system which directly translates into improved indoor comfort and value for money. To start you off, here are some of the pointers to a good programmable thermostat.

Heating and Cooling Options

First things first, your programmable thermostat must have the ability to manage both cooling and heating. It doesn’t matter whether your home has a heat pump or it operates on a furnace and air conditioner for the heating and cooling seasons. Your thermostat should be able to accommodate them.

A good number of thermostat models can seamlessly switch between cooling and heating automatically following a change in conditions. This can give you a high level of convenience especially if you are used to the manual switching.

Zoning Systems

This is the major divide between programmable thermostats and their manual counterparts. The programmable thermostats can control individual heating and cooling zones within your home. through the zoning system, you can divide your home into several areas which independently rely on different temperature settings during heating and cooling. The best places to install zoning systems is in larger homes as well as those that contend with major temperature fluctuations. There are some programmable devices which allow you to set up to 8 different zones in your home for ultimate convenience and comfort.

Scheduling Capabilities

Programmable thermostats, by design, allow you to set schedules for heating and cooling. That said, some thermostats have limited options compared to others. If you want the greatest flexibility, go for a programmable device which allows you to set a schedule for each day in a week. Devices with more capabilities allow you to program a schedule which accommodates your bed time, your time away, as well as when relaxing at home with your family. Scheduling saves you energy.

Reminders and Alerts

HVAC systems speak, but not to humans rather to thermostats. Having a programmable thermostat that is able to communicate with your HVAC system ensures that you receive reminders and alerts to do some of the basic things such as changing air filters which will go a long way into improving your indoor air quality and performance of your system.

Remote Adjustments

You do not have to be in the house to adjust your programmable thermostat. You can do so even when you are away on holiday or at work. However, this is possible if your programmable thermostat has the capability to link with your smartphone so that you can turn your climate control system either on or off as needed. Some smart thermostats can also pick your location and automatically turn on the HVAC system as you near home so that you find an air-conditioned house.

With all these goodies, it makes sense to upgrade your thermostat. Contact your local HVAC service provider to get the right programmable thermostat for your home.

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